See the Potential of Mobile Augmented Reality in Our New Demo

April 3, 2018 - 6 minutes read

What comes to your mind when you hear the words “augmented reality” (AR)? Do you immediately envision someone with clunky futuristic goggles, maybe with some sort of auxiliary interface tool in their hand? Or maybe you think of trying to capture that pesky pocket monster sitting on your friend’s shoulder?

You wouldn’t be wrong with either answer. But AR development is expanding fast. And it wouldn’t exactly do it justice to limit its capabilities to the options above. We put together this special mobile AR demo to give you a glimpse into the fathomless possibilities the technology really presents.

For us, when we hear terms like “mobile AR” or “AR development,” the one word that comes to mind is “potential.” Take a watch and see why!

Bringing Pages to Life

Have you ever opened a magazine and watched a video inside of it? Don’t you just love it when you turn the page to find a handheld skateboard that you can maneuver with your fingers? If you said yes to either of those questions, you’re either from the future, our office, or not sober. If you said no to both, well here’s the good news — this is exactly the type of stuff that AR allows you to do!

We put together a demonstration to showcase these and other possibilities for Berrics Magazine, the publication of legendary skate brand The Berrics. In the video, you get to see how AR can transform something static like a magazine into a dynamic, interactive experience.

Mobile AR offers a completely revolutionary way to interact with your audience. But don’t just take our word for it: near the end of the video, Sean McCue, our VP of Engineering, headed over to a local skate park to get some candid feedback on the AR demo. Many of our volunteers didn’t want to let go of the phone after trying it out!

Unparalleled Engagement

Making the skateboards pop off the page or embedding videos elegantly to enhance the reading experience requires not only technicality but sophistication as well. ARKit and ARCore are AR development kits that Apple and Google recently released for iOS and Android, respectively.

Both streamline and accelerate AR development so much so that ideas you have in your head for the future may be possible now. Boiling it down, the software scans your phone’s view in real-time for visual cues. These visual cues trigger an action; in this case, we’ve created video overlays. The engagement literally comes straight off the page and into your screen.

You can do tricks like 360 flips and ollies with your fingers and a virtual skateboard. See a photo of a gnarly trick? Watch it in action. Did a t-shirt or pair of cool kicks catch your eye? Click on it, see similar items, customize them, and buy them right then and there in the app. AR presents a new opportunity for interaction that was never possible before.

A New Age of Interaction

AR is advancing rapidly. But many enterprises and organizations aren’t aware of its profound capabilities. Many are also not aware that cutting-edge AR can be incorporated into their existing apps right now to produce brand new value chains and end-user experiences.

Ikea is bringing their virtual catalog to life so you can see what it looks like to have a certain piece of furniture in your home. Even though it’s still early in AR development, decorating will never be the same. This will occur in multiple facets of practically every industry. Interaction, engagement, and commerce will never be the same.

Think of billboards, magazines, posters, and websites coming to life. AR brings together the real world and virtual world in a new sense that will absolutely transform the status quo. Brands will engage with their audiences in similar ways to how they experience major social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

Marc Fischer, our CEO, put it best in the demo video: “This mobile technology is completely revolutionary and is going to change the way we interact with each other, how we shop, and how we experience the real world as we know it now.”

If you haven’t, check out the video now to get a glimpse of the future. And if you feel inspired after, don’t hesitate to reach out — we’d love to turn your vision into reality.

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