Snagajob, the LinkedIn of Hourly Work, Secures $100 Million

March 1, 2016 - 2 minutes read


While professional employment has become more streamlined every year, the situation for hourly workers in short-term jobs like restaurants has remained frustrating and obscure for years. Dishwashers and short-order cooks are left to seek out work the old-fashioned way, cold-calling bars or scouring Craigslist, while business-world workers get head-hunted on LinkedIn without raising a finger. (Well, without having to print out a resume and walk around town, anyway.) The mobile app developers at Snagajob are out to change that with a platform for job-hunters who don’t wear suits and ties.

Investors are clearly seeing a bright future in the premise of serving hourly workers, with the bulk of the funding coming from Rho Acceleration, the Invus Group, and NewSpring Capital. Said Snagajob CEO Peter Harrison in a statement to Entrepreneur, ““It’s unfortunate that in the age of on-demand everything, the average hourly job seeker is offered no greater efficiencies when looking for a job. It should only take minutes to secure hourly work, not the days and weeks it takes today.”

The platform has plenty of user validation to back up the funding and expansion across mobile. Founded in 2000, the company already has 65 million profiles, with their eyes set on catching up to LinkedIn’s 400 million members. As smartphones are already ubiquitous among the low-income demographic Snagajob primarily targets, San Francisco mobile app developers have no doubt that the newfound $100 million in funding could easily accomplish that goal.

In the long term, Snagajob aims to become a fully-fledged employment and management platform. Company statements indicate that features to allow users to manage their schedules, receive payments, and clock in/out are in the works. The app received over 50 million job applications in the last year alone, and further engaging with that high-volume userbase is a key priority as the mobile app developers expand the core product.

Snagajob’s mobile app is available for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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