Strong Tech Q2 and Successful IPOs Prove Mobile Can Grow

July 29, 2016 - 2 minutes read

Alphabet just released their Q2 earnings report, lifting shares 5%. GrubHub stock jumped an even more impressive 26% based on a record-breaking $120 million revenue claim. Amazon posted over $30 billion.

Clearly, the environment for tech is good and getting better — contrary to worry among tech media in the past year that declining ad revenue and user app fatigue could be eroding the core value proposition of mobile app development.

The performance boosts should serve to lift and sustain the string of high-profile tech IPOs that just succeeded in defying Wall Street’s grim prognosis in recent months. Namely, Twilio’s IPO (which doubled on the eve of Brexit, an impressive feat in and of itself) and Japan’s Line Friends, which in spite of being far from a household name in the US has maintained a healthy price since going public shortly afterwards. The time is ripe for more unicorn mobile app developers to go public, especially as the market heads into the Christmas spending season — sure to lift even the likes of GoPro, which bore the brunt of this year’s tough environment for niche hardware startups.

The overall message for NYC mobile app developers is clear: mobile is far from done growing, and there’s still time to ride the market’s rapid growth, whether as an investor, developer, or startup founder.

The tech environment is relatively stable as consumers grow accustomed to smart devices and even warm up to the concept of the Internet of Things and wearable tech. Who knows what the next year will bring. For now, the future looks bright for anybody with an app idea and a willingness to get their feet wet.

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