Study Shows that a World Without Apps Could Cause Society to Breakdown

July 16, 2013 - 1 minute read

In celebration of the iTunes App Store’s 5th birthday, e-commerce giant E-bay asked 200 iPhone owners to drastically change their lifestyle. The challenge for the 200 participants was to survive 4 whole days without using any mobile apps. The results of living an app free life were interesting to say the least.

app challenge

The biggest take-away from this study was that on average participants gained 30 minutes a day in productivity. That translates to an incredible 182 hours of gained productivity a year.

As an iPhone app developer and dedicated techie it is easy to see why participants had so much trouble detaching themselves from their phones. I think most people can agree that we feel naked for the first few hours after letting go of our phones. Its as if suddenly we become untethered from the one thing that connects us to a greater consciousness.

Mobile apps create an immense amount of value for users. The San Francisco iPhone app developer community has contributed a great deal to the growth of the mobile ecosystem. From arriving at your destination safely to keeping in touch with friends on the go, apps are an integral part of our everyday life. Now with the advent of wearable devices like Google Glass we can expect mobile apps to play an even bigger role in our lives and business processes.

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