Surprising Startup Lessons from Con Artists & Salespeople

April 7, 2016 - 3 minutes read

iPhone app developer

No matter how altruistic your startup’s goal, the only feature that ultimately matters for iPhone app developers is this: persuasion.

Startup companies solve a lot of problems, but users have good reason to be resistant. “Another button on my phone?” “Another notification stream to worry about?” iPhone app developers struggle every day to overcome the initial hurdle in winning loyal users.

The market for something to believe in is infinite.
– Hugh MacLeod

Traditional sales tactics get a bad rap in the startup world, where value and authenticity are supposed to trump all when it comes to winning customers. Luckily, even value-packed mobile app developers can learn a thing or two from the masters of sales.

1. Create scarcity

With over a thousand new apps released by iPhone app developers to the Apple App Store every day, your users have no shortage of options for solving their problems.

Therefore, structuring your offering as exclusive — even if unnecessary — has the power to make your app look more intrinsically valuable. Once users perceive something as special, they are far less likely to give it the toss when a shiny new competitor comes along.

2. Generate reciprocity

If you’ve ever been to a casino or airport member lounge, you know how this works: the feeling of receiving a “gift” or bonus creates an urge to buy more.

Whether it’s in the form of membership upgrades, surprise features, or simply stellar customer service, creating a feeling of reciprocity encourages your users to stick around and interact with your mobile app.

3. Use body language

Startup founders and Boston iPhone app developers are a smart crowd. Data-driven features and products are commonplace, but when it’s time to pitch for investments countless startups lose interest due to old-fashioned bad body language.

The solution: mine the data. Studies show that subtle cues like occupying more space, avoiding crossed arms, and maintaining steady eye contact all have the power to make or break a sale.

The best salespeople are true believers

Ultimately, the goal of iPhone app development companies is to convince users to love an app as much as they do. Enthusiasm is infectious.

Startups have to use their heads as well as their hearts to establish a market share in the competitive mobile app marketplace.

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