Twitter Adding 8 New Services to Fabric Platform

October 29, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Since Twitter launched Fabric in fall of 2014, the platform has grown to reach over 225,000 developers and over a billion devices. Needless to say, the announcement of eight new services caused quite a stir among mobile app developers in San Francisco. Developers at Fabric commented that they’ve been “blown away” by the response to Fabric by the development community, and that the focuses for the new services are centered around “scaling infrastructure, integrating payments, and running A/B tests, among others.”

For those unfamiliar with the Fabric service: Fabric is a toolkit of APIs that encourages mobile app developers to build apps and services over top of Twitter.

The new services announced at Twitter’s Flight developer conference are Stripe, Optimizely, AWS, PubNub, GameAnalytics, Mapbox, Nuance, and Appsee. Most of the buzz around the new integrations has been focussed on Stripe — in fact, their co-founder Patrick Collison delivered a speech at the event. Stripe has quickly risen to prominence in the payment app arena, so it’s no surprise that a partnership with a top-tier mobile app like twitter gives them something to get excited about. Collison boasted that integration with the Fabric platform has dropped their already-low activation times to about 10 minutes.

With everything from data storage to mobile payments available to mobile app developers on the Fabric platform, we can expect to see much more creative applications outside of generic Twitter-sign-in uses. Given Twitter’s stock drops over the past several months, notably related to CEO Jack Dorsey’s announcement of the company entering a “turnaround mode,” will a dynamic new toolbox be enough to reinvigerate a comparatively slow-growing social network? Only time — and a lot of mobile app developer tinkering — will tell.

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