Unity Game Engine Spreads the Love, Drops Price to Free

May 23, 2013 - 1 minute read

unity gamesUnity, the popular game development platform has come out with some shockingly sweet news. The CEO announced that the company has decided to drop their software licensing fees from $800 to the low low price of, Free. The enticing promotion pertains to developers specifically creating mobile applications for iOS and Android.

So far the Android and iPhone app developer community has reacted with pure glee to the announcement.

According to an article by Apple Insider, “Tuesday’s new price structure comes about two years after the company dropped a $200 fee for Indie developers, a move that Helgason [Unity’s CEO] said helped grow the Unity community from 13,000 devs to just under 2 million.”

Apparently game studios and large entities with revenues in excess of $100,000 will still be required to pay licensing fees to utilize the platform. Unity is the preeminent mobile gaming platform of choice for big studios and indie developers alike.

As an mobile app developer in San Diego it is encouraging to see Unity improve their standing even further in the developer community. There is no better price than free. Therefore, Unity’s choice to drop their prices so drastically will have a knock-on affect, likely forcing the hand of competing platforms to do the same. In this case gamers as well as Android and iPhone app developers will benefit from this bold move.

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