Watch International Cyber Attacks Take Place in Real Time

July 27, 2015 - 2 minutes read

Security issues have become a hot-button topic for Toronto iPhone app developers and software developers around the world. With cyber crime and hack attacks continuing to make headlines, several new websites that claim to track hacking activity in real time have cropped up. These sites feature maps that show both the targets and the sources of hack attacks around the globe. In particular, four such sites have been generating a great deal of buzz within the tech and cyber security industries:

  • Norse Attack Map: Run by the renowned Internet security company Norse, the Norse Attack Map claims to offer a real-time view of active hacking attempts around the world, showing the country in which the attacks are originating and the country the attacks are targeting. What the hackers don’t know is that they’re falling into traps laid by Norse; the company uses something called “honey pots” to entice hackers into coming after intentionally created vulnerabilities so their activities can be detected.
  • Digital Attack Map: A partnered effort between Arbor Networks and Google, the Digital Attack Map tracks DDoS threats in real time.
  • Kaspersky Cyberthreat Real-Time Map: Kaspersky is well-known in the tech industry for its high-quality antivirus software, and the company has entered the sphere or real-time cyber threat tracking. Its real-time map focuses on malicious software intrusions, which are stripped of all personal or identifying data and uploaded anonymously to the map.
  • FireEye Cyber Threat Map: While the FireEye Cyber Threat Map doesn’t technically operate in real time, it does generate a very interesting picture of how surreptitiously installed malware communicates with the server systems that are remotely controlling the malicious software.

Of course, it’s worth noting that all four sites are partially or fully operated by cyber security industry vendors. Even so, they provide Internet of ThingsĀ app developers around the world with valuable insights into the continually evolving nature of cyber threats.

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