Wearable Mobile Devices to Dominate Tech in 2014

December 18, 2013 - 2 minutes read

nike fuel band wearable devices

Tech industry experts are predicting that wearable devices will start to command significant influence in the consumer market in 2014. Several prominent analysts, including Deloitte, Forrester Research and Juniper Research, believe that the coming year will be a watershed for wearable technologies. While the much-hyped Google Glass is widely expected to lead the charge, more exotic products may also make major inroads in the months ahead.

Google Glass is a small, hands-free computer which connects to the Internet via voice commands, displaying information in a small optical head-mounted display. In development for years, Google Glass is set to hit the market in 2014. Thanks to Google’s status as a tech industry juggernaut, many insiders think that it will command the lion’s share of a fast-growing multibillion-dollar global market for wearable devices, which will in turn create a whole new world of possibilities for talented members of the Google Glass app developer community.

The Nike+ FuelBand is another wearable device which seems poised for continued growth. A digital wristband that allows users to manage and track their fitness goals, the FuelBand received an enthusiastic response when it was first released in 2012. However, industry experts also point to technologies like EyeMynd’s neuro-headsets, which allow users to control computers through brain signal processing software, as products which could take the market by storm.

Growth in the wearable device market is supported by the continued expansion of cloud computing capabilities, and industry observers also note that their popularity is largely due to the fact that they support and enrich the lifestyles of consumers. From a demographic standpoint, the wearable device market is currently dominated by men, who are expected to account for an estimated 65 percent of sales in 2014. If you’re an iPhone app developer in Boston looking for new prospects, opportunity may well be knocking in the coming months.



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