When to Use a Mobile App Development Service

July 7, 2022 - 6 minutes read

Congratulations! You’ve determined that your business needs a mobile application to reach your customers and provide them access to the products or services you offer. Now comes a big decision: Do you build the mobile app in-house? Or, do you hire a dedicated mobile app development service?

 It is worth noting that the answer to this question isn’t always as simple as it may initially seem. Using a software development service to build your mobile app is mostly project-dependent. And while that seems to answer the question at a high level, the topic of this article requires a little more exploration.

 If you are considering developing a mobile application for your company, plenty of options are available. And as a trusted Los Angeles-based app development firm we felt it would be useful to explore the benefits of a mobile app development service and consider the choice of hiring outside help or keeping things in-house.

Mobile App Development Services 

As you might guess, mobile application development services are in the business of making mobile applications. This statement may seem obvious, but it is worth noting that, like any other business, not all mobile application development services are the same or are the right fit for every project.

 Mobile application development services do much more than just create an application for a client. They are involved with every step of the development cycle, from ideation to launch and sustainment.

 These companies have skilled and specialized employees with the right combination of expertise and training. Some mobile application development services specialize in a particular operating system (OS), while a larger firm may handle multiple OSs and other software applications.

Using a Mobile App Development Service

For most decision-makers, no matter the size of the company or the scope of the mobile app project, one of the biggest concerns is budget. Budget and time are forever factors on a project and, for many, a source of stress. Keeping a mobile application project in-house can help reduce the project’s overall cost, but it could impact the company and the employees tasked with the work in other ways.

 It might make sense to task employees with the right skill sets to develop the mobile application for smaller projects. Despite the split in time between their routine jobs and the mobile app project, the cost savings could ultimately be worth it. However, it is tough to replace a team of experts solely focused on the mobile app, despite the probable increase in the overall budget.

 It is worth noting that hiring a freelancer falls under the same category as outsourcing a mobile app development project. Many skilled freelancers can complete a mobile application project. However, one person will always have difficulty matching the skills that a dedicated team brings to the table. Still, if a freelancer fits your project, they should be considered.

Benefits of a Dedicated Team

There are many benefits to hiring a mobile application development team. Potentially the most apparent benefit is experience. Even a relatively young mobile application development company will have experienced individuals on its team. One of the best ways to judge the merits of a mobile application development service is to view its portfolio of work. The types and number of projects completed are significant indicators if the company is the right fit for your mobile app.

 When you hire a mobile application service, you hire a team of dedicated individuals who specialize in each of the major areas typically associated with a mobile app development project. These areas include design, development, testing, and sustainment.

Better mobile application development services bring more to the table than just the needed skills and expertise. The team members assigned to the project will get to know the company, the culture, the employees, and most importantly, the target audience of the mobile application. This process does take some time as outside individuals won’t know the company as well as its employees do. However, the time and effort are well worth it, resulting in a mobile application that meets customers’ needs.

Consider Dogtown Media

Dogtown Media understands how important your mobile application is to your business. We are more than just developers your hire. We are your partners, working in lockstep with you to create the best mobile application possible for your business that connects with your target audience. We get to know not just your project but your company and the people who make it a success. Take advantage of our free consultation to speak to our mobile application development experts.

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