Why Apple is Killing Android in the Business World

May 28, 2013 - 2 minutes read

apple vs androidThe Android platform may be dominating the overall smartphone market but is still lagging leap years behind iOS on the business front. The vast majority of businesses choose to outfit their employees with an iPhone these days and that trend doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon.

During the I/O developer conference Google announced plans to mitigate the Android fragmentation issue. Many developers consider this to be their biggest hurdle when developing for the platform.

According to an article by Cite World, “Google has developed a way to minimize the impact of this fragmentation on users… focusing on upgrading its core applications, such as Google Play, Hangouts, and Maps so that all Android users can benefit immediately.”

This may be welcome news for Android developers but IT professionals have serious concerns that continue to sway their choice in iOS’s direction. Android is missing a root control security protocol which allows enterprise admins to control what takes place on employee devices. The iPhone and iPad on the other hand were built for security. With top tier encryption technology in place, iOS devices remain nearly impenetrable to all hackers and malicious attacks from foreign governments. The Pentagon even cleared iOS’s devices for use by the military and government employees after an extensive security exam.

As an iPhone app developer with an interest in network security we’ll continue to follow the advance of Android into the enterprise market. We expect that the platform may bridge the security gap with Apple in the future. But as of now most iPad app developers in San Diego will continue to focus their efforts on iOS while keeping Android in mind for the future.

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