Why Enterprises Everywhere Should Upgrade to iOS 12

August 2, 2018 - 4 minutes read

In this fourth and final feature of our special series about Apple’s broadest iOS update yet, we’ll talk about why enterprises everywhere should update to iOS 12.

Why Does it Matter?

Apple’s iOS 12 update is coming to 23 Apple devices, making it the most backward-compatible upgrade yet. This means you’ll be able to reach more users than ever before. Updating to the newest API and removing deprecated code will make your app bug-free and faster.

If you still haven’t updated from iOS 10 to iOS 11, your app may not work anymore when iOS 12 rolls around. iOS 11 required an update from 32-bit to 64-bit apps, and if you put this on hold, you can’t afford to wait any longer! Any app still running on iOS 10 code desperately needs a codebase update, and it will certainly eventually lead to user count stagnating or decreasing.

Keeping code quality optimized and up-to-date with industry and Apple standards is the best measure your enterprise can take to remain trustworthy to consumers. Keep your initial investment working for you; update your app’s code ASAP to avoid Apple threatening to retire your app.

If your app uses augmented reality, machine learning, or artificial intelligence, you’ll especially want to upgrade your codebase because Apple is giving those development toolkits some serious revamping.

Users Adopt Quickly

Users take only a few months to reach high adoption rates for the newest iOS version, so updating your app to comply with iOS 12 code will avoid any hiccups and keep things running smoothly. For example, here are Apple’s official stats of iOS distributions in December 2017:

And here it is again in May 2018:

In less than half a year, the number of iOS 11 users grew by nearly 25%!

In 2016, of 300 IT professionals interviewed, 91% said their organization is using Macs, and 99% said their organization uses iPhones or iPads. In Q1 of 2017, 72% of all enterprise smartphones activated were iPhones, and iPads were activated in 81% of all enterprise tablet activations.

Apple’s reach is undoubtedly huge across consumers and enterprises alike, and you’ll increase your app’s reach when you take care to upgrade to iOS 12.

Maintenance Is Better Than Repair!

Prioritize maintenance over repair; don’t let your app have any downtime, risking user loss or customer frustration. It’s a similar situation to car maintenance. If you don’t update to iOS 12, will your car still run? Probably. But will it run with the highest efficiency and performance? Definitely not. And it will eventually stop working if it’s not taken care of!

If you wouldn’t skimp out on improving operations, updating cybersecurity protocols, or investing in salesmen, why miss a huge opportunity to grow your user base, reach more consumers, and deliver a superior user experience?

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