Will iPhone 5S have Multiple Screen Sizes? Developers Hope NOT

April 9, 2013 - 2 minutes read



The upcoming iPhone 5S will have a choice of screen size according to Topeka analyst Brian White. After a meeting with a tech-supply chain company White believes Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S in at least 2 or possibly 3 different screen sizes.

“We believe Apple is coming around to the fact that one size per iPhone release does not work for everyone, and offering consumers an option has the potential to expand the company’s market share,” White stated in an investor note.

The analyst does not give a specifics for the actual screen sizes.

This isn’t the first time White has pitched some Apple Predictions. Earlier in the year the analyst cited sources who claimed the next iPhone might be offered in different colors as well. If his size prediction is true then there is a likely to be a bigger screen to tempt android users and possibly a small iphone mini budget version.

As a iphone app developer in Los Angeles we find the Android platform with its thousands of different devices more difficult to development the perfect app. With its different screen sizes and button combinations it means most developers tend only to develop for the major players such as the Samsung Galaxy. With iPhone app developer you can perfect the apps as there a limited amount of devices available. Personally we hope Apple does not start using different screen resolutions for different devices making it more difficult to perfect high quality apps.

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