Will Ouya Android Games Console Lure Developers?

March 29, 2013 - 1 minute read



The Ouya games console was launched this week which experts say could disrupt the industry. The Android based console was a crowd funding success story raising over $8m in funding from 63,416 backers.

The console retails for $99 and the games will be a fraction of the cost of traditional platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox. The company has already started sending out consoles to the first supporters of the project. The Ouya is looking to capitalise on the growing popularity of cheap independently produced games.

Mobile device gaming is attracting millions of casual gamers who are not prepared to invest in gaming hardware consoles, but are still keen to dabble in gaming.

The success of the Ouya will depend mainly on attracting the game developers to bring fun and fresh titles to the console. Early momentum is essential to ensure these developers are paid back for their efforts through monetization methods such as in-game upgrades.

Dogtown Media interviewed several android game developers about their interest in the console. The answers where unanimous,  they would wait for some success stories before investing their time in developing games for Ouya.

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