Apple iPhone Finally Coming to T-Mobile

April 5, 2013 - 2 minutes read
iPhone 5 arrives to T-Mobile

iPhone 5 has landed

T-Mobile, the smallest of the big four cell phone carriers in the US is finally picking up the iPhone. According to a news article by Time Magazine, T-Mobile is now taking pre-orders on the iPhone 5, and hoping to lure people over from larger carriers with the promise of cheap wireless service. The wireless carrier now will be competing not only on superior pricing plans for cellular service but now also on smartphone device choice.

You might think that everyone is a winner in this deal. However, T-Mobile picking up the iPhone 5 and offering cheap service may help Apple much more than the company itself. Apple will gain increased market share as T-Mobile drives overall iPhone sales. The carrier’s customers are bound to flock to buy the new phone.

We predict that with T-Mobile now carrying the iPhone 5, the iPhone app development marketplace will absolutely benefit. After-all, the more people using the iOS platform, the better. As a Los Angeles iPhone app developer we can expect more app downloads, more in-app purchases, more mobile commerce shopping, etc.

In another sign of the immense growth forecast for the mobile ecosystem, Gartner Research predicts worldwide tablet shipments to grow 70% in 2013 to 197 million units and increase by over 300% over a five year time from 2012 to 2017. Mobile phones will show 80% growth over the same five years and smartphones will capture a greater share of the market. All good news for mobile application developers who will continue to see significant industry growth over the coming years.

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