Google Releases New App Marketing Engine

June 24, 2015 - 2 minutes read

For mobile app developers, finding a way to get new products noticed by users is one of the greatest challenges in the industry, as the sheer number of apps on the market can make it difficult for a new app to reach a prospective user base. At the same time, users who would otherwise enthusiastically buy a particular app often miss out when the app fails to come to their attention. Google has developed what could prove to be an effective solution for both parties, in the form of its new App Invites system.

The App Invites project is currently in the beta testing stage, and will run on both iOS and Android platforms. It will distribute SMS or email notification, as per the user’s stated preference, recommending apps and creating customized reports for development professionals that allow them to track the effectiveness of the platform’s success rate.

On the user end, subscribers will be able to download apps directly via an installation prompt attached to the message. Android-based users will be able to purchase apps directly from the Google Play Store without having to go through a web browser. Developers will also benefit from features that allow them to offer discounts, promotional codes and other perks to prospective users.

Through the Google App Invite website, developers can learn how to set up the platform on their choice of supported mobile operating systems. Unlike Facebook’s similar system, which was introduced at the F8 developers’ conference earlier this year, Google App Invite will not be limited to its own internal network, instead leveraging the power of SMS and email messaging to reach a wider user base.

If you’re with a Houston mobile app development company, Google App Invite could prove to be an extremely effective marketing tool for helping your products reach a broader base of prospective users.

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