How Mobile Tech Is Transforming Healthcare

November 19, 2019 - 1 minute read

Have you ever considered the amount of information sitting in hospital filing cabinets collecting dust? Healthcare, especially in emergency situations, depends on instant access to current, complete, and correct information, or the consequences could be fatal. Yet we still insist on capturing that information on printed materials that are hard to find and easy to ignore. Information access is an endemic problem, but the industry as a whole has been slow to embrace a better way.

The Minneapolis Heart Institute is one exception. I partnered with this group to develop a medical app that expedites access to the latest cardiovascular protocols. In an emergency situation, when these protocols are necessary, physicians simply have to reach for their smartphones instead of rifling through their desks. Speed and certainty are essential in a cardiovascular situation, and the app provides both.

We’ve expanded the functionality beyond static protocols to give physicians on-demand access to information and assistance. The technology is able to connect a physician in a remote or rural area directly with a cardiovascular specialist. After the two physicians consult, the patient receives first-class cardiovascular care even if he or she is miles away from the specialist.

Read the full article at Medical Economics to learn more about how mobile apps can deliver better outcomes for all medical stakeholders.

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