Screen Addicts Kick the Habit Using the Onward App

October 6, 2017 - 2 minutes read

A lot of the mobile app development companies in the usa we know like to believe that their apps help to improve users’ lives. They also want to create something that will become a part of people’s everyday routine. But what happens when people get too sucked into their screens?

We all have experienced that familiar suspicion that we are spending too much time on our phones. For some people, this attachment to technology becomes a full-fledged addiction. Whether it’s games or porn or screens in general, thousands are losing themselves in easy digital stimulation.

It’s a relatively new condition that the scientific community and general public are still struggling to understand. But some app developers are attempting to fight screen addiction with an app called Onward — and it appears to be working miracles.

After seeing firsthand how gamification makes tech irresistible, Onward co-founder and CEO Gabe Zicherman wanted to find a way to restore people’s tech-life balance. Onward does this by tracking phone usage and blocking trouble apps for those that want or need to cut down on their screen time. The app’s approach is rooted in sound behavioral psychology and is advised by respected neuroscientists and psychologists.

According to Onward’s own research, the app is truly rehabilitating screen addicts. 89% of users successfully cut down on their screen time. Of the 1,400 porn addicts studied, more than half kicked the habit altogether.

It may seem counter-intuitive to fight a tech addiction with tech, but it’s hard to argue with Onward’s results. Fortunately, other startups have recognized the power our mobile devices can have in reining in other addictive behaviors. Pelorus Health has put together an app that connects recovering addicts to the facilities that saved their lives. Recovery Record provides meal logs and plans, coping skills, and behavior-tracking charts for those struggling with eating disorders.

It’s no secret that millions in America wrestle with addiction — and as a nation we’re not quite sure how to deal with this fact. Problem-solvers that they are, MedTech app developers are stepping in and finding innovative new ways to empower people to conquer their addictions.

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