Service, the Customer Intermediary App, Launches for iOS

January 4, 2016 - 2 minutes read

User retention is notoriously difficult in the iOS app industry, where over 80 percent of users open an app once and never come back.

So the claim from newly-launched customer service iOS app Service that their user retention hovers over 25 percent is understandably turning heads among New York iPhone app development companies, and drawing mobile app developers to take a closer look at the customer service sector for startup opportunities.

Service has only been officially launched in the Apple App Store for a couple weeks, augmenting the experience already available through the company’s web platform.

Service stands to disrupt territory currently dominated by unfocused communication channels like Twitter by focussing exclusively on resolving customer issues — and saving them money in the process. Company statements at Service cite over $250,000 in customer savings, clearly signaling the opportunities to be had for iOS app developers in the customer service industry.

Given the huge savings the app offers, it’s no wonder that users prefer to manage their complaints and claims via Service rather than spend hours haggling over the phone themselves. While initial reviews of Service expressed concern that the web app simply made it “easier for users to complain,” Service CEO Michael Schneider defends the service as a game-changer for brands and iPhone app developers as well as consumers.

Rather than have negative customer experiences end in blistering Yelp reviews, Service allows customers to first attempt to resolve their problems without having to wait around on hold in call centers. From the customer’s perspective, the problem solves itself; from the company’s perspective, they get a second chance to save a customer interaction.

Tie-ins with mobile apps like Uber and GoDaddy are positioning Service as a customer service standard for the mobile app development industry, as well as suggesting how innovative iOS app development companies can leverage app-specific services to build out a general service. For those curious to try it out, the iOS app is currently available in the Apple App Store.

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