Back-to-School Wearable Devices for Teens

August 5, 2014 - 2 minutes read


Wearable Devices for Teens

For teens, the arrival of August means that the school year is fast approaching, and tech manufacturers are offering an interesting collection of affordable wearable devices. Here’s a run-down of some of the hottest items on the market:

  • Smartwatches. Manufacturers like Martian and Pebble Steel have introduced smartwatches that allow users to get phone notifications and run apps. These sleek timepieces are available in a wide range of designs, colors and layouts, with very affordable price tags. The Moto 360 is also a noteworthy entrant in the smartwatch market, offering more advanced features and Android connectivity.
  • Fitness and sleep trackers. Linking with your smartphone, the Jawbone Up24 tracks sleep and fitness habits, giving users access to a wide range of data and metrics that can help students perform their best in the classroom and on the sports field.
  • Fitness jewelry. The Misfit Shine is a perfect example of a unique type of smart fitness tracker that doubles as a piece of jewelry. This handy device looks like a regular band or neck pendant, but offers advanced fitness tracking features and waterproof durability.

If you’re a Bluetooth mobile app developer, the wearables market is a key vertical that merits close attention. Industry analysts have been predicting for years that it would soon explode, and with wireless technologies improving at an unprecedented pace, the future may finally have arrived. As this market continues to expand and grow, more and more opportunities will be available to forward-thinking software developers.

An iPhone app developer in Boston can also win big by paying close and careful attention to Apple’s upcoming line of wearable devices. Industry pundits believe that the iWatch is only the beginning, and that Apple will continue to aggressively expand in the wearables vertical as it seeks to secure a majority share of this burgeoning market.

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